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Computer training a must for all

Importance of Education:

Education is the most essential factor for the success of any individual, community of any country for that matter.

Evolution of Education:

Over the past century, we have seen the drastic changes that have occurred in education systems. Earlier there were not many-branched in the fields of medicine or engineering. Now there are several new branches that have come up. In the same way, education is also dependent on the way we live. Our lifestyle gave changes to the way things were taught and what was taught. Centuries ago, when there were no means of writing, there was oral education. Later came the era of written education in the forms of textbooks etc. Now we live in a cyber age and thus have changed the education system. Apart from the regular courses, there are many other diplomae and vocational courses that are being offered today. These courses help a person to go that extra mile and survive in today’s competitive markets.


Regards: Miriam Santos

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